Chocolate Fundraising

Chocolate Fundraising: Is there a successful alternative available on the market?  The answer is yes.  

For over 5 years, we have helped many schools, kinders and offices fundraise the healthy way.  You can raise monies successfully without the traditional chocolate fundraising boxes. The healthy snack food fundraiser we offer makes everyone involved feel good and you have a wide range of snacks to choose from.

Here are the benefits of deciding to choose Healthy Fundraising.


          Healthy snacks send the right leadership message.

•          There is something for everyone in our range.

•          Every snack is made fresh.  You can taste the difference.

•          The snack food variety allows you to choose a Non-Nut program if required.

•          For schools and kinders, the snacks can be used in lunchboxes... a solution for Mums & Dads everyday.

•          The fundraising boxes are proven popular sellers when taken to the office.

        Hungry office staff welcome the convenience of purchasing a healthy snack without having to go out..

•          HFA provide the templates and materials to help run the campaign.

          We work hand in hand with the fundraising coordinator to ensure maximum profit is earned.

Some of them are sweet, some are savory, some nut free, some are completely organic and some are low in fat. 
Why not consider this alternative to chocolate fundraising? You can download our Brochures in PDF format here

Whether you wish to completely go healthy or you wish to complement your chocolate fundraising by offering a healthy alternative, we have the successful solution for you.  To place an order, simply phone your order through to us on 1300 276 204 or email us